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Bruichladdich Rare Cask Series Set (1984 / 1985 / 1986 / 1988)
  • $5,000.00
  • $4,800.00
Product Description

1) Bruichladdich 1984/32 Years Rare Cask: All In

- ABV: 43.7%

- Size: 70cl

The last 12 casks of Bruichladdich’s 1984 single malt have been filled into these 3,000 bottles. Not only is it a historic dram but it’s also a sublime one, displaying exceptional balance and all the signature elements of classic Bruichladdich. Savour it slowly.

2) Bruichladdich 1985/32 Years Rare Cask: Hidden Glory

- ABV: 48.7%

- Size: 70cl

The very last 22 casks from 1985 have been used to create this fantastic edition of Bruichladdich’s single malt. The casks were rediscovered in 2012 by then master distiller Jim McEwan, who filled their spirit into fresh bourbon barrels for added depth and complexity. In 2017 the whisky was again rehomed, this time into French oak which had previously held claret from a prestigious chateau. This three month period imbued the bourbon-aged whisky with an extra layer of fruit and sweet notes, as well as a subtle blush colour.

3 ) Bruichladdich 1986/30 Years Rare Cask: The Magnificent Seven

- ABV: 44.6%

- Size: 70cl

This sublime edition of Bruichladdich 30 Year Old is called the ‘Magnificent Seven’ because it has been created from the very last seven casks of the distillery’s 1986 whisky. From the start this single malt was aged in oloroso sherry casks, then in 2012 it was transferred to Pedro Ximenez butts from Bodega Fernando de Castilla. The resulting whisky is a supercharged sherry bomb that has abundant notes of dried fruit, Christmas cake and tobacco. This is a fabulous chance to sample the last of a historic vintage, which has contributed to notable Bruichladdich bottlings such as Darker Still.

4 ) Bruichladdich 1988/30 Years Rare Cask: The Untouchable

- ABV: 46.2%

- Size: 70cl

A 1988 Bruichladdich single malt, from the distillery’s Rare Casks series, The Untouchable has been matured for three decades in a combination of refill bourbon casks and refill squat hogsheads. Floral aromas of dried hay, buttercups, primroses and coconut oil burst through the nose, followed by vanilla fudge, porridge with golden syrup, sweet citrus, sherbet, apricot and caramel. The palate initially offers notes of coconut, pink grapefruit, granola, malt and toast, slowly developing oak spice, pipe tobacco and fudge, with ripe pineapple, mango and mint building towards the finish.