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Kirin Fuji Single Blended Whisky 70cl 43%
  • $158.00
  • $125.00
Product Description

- ABV: 43%

- Size: 70cl

Distilled, matured and blended at the foot of the famous Mount Fuji, this blended whisky from Kirin is the new creation of Jota Tanaka, the Master Blender of the distillery, who wanted to pay homage to the terroir and the climate of the region through this blend.

This blend reveals a complex profile accompanied by a rich aromatic palette which on the nose expresses fruity notes of peach, apricot and orange liqueur. On the palate, the fruity notes are still present and are joined by greedy notes of honey, and pastry notes of pear pie and fruit cakes. The rather sweet finish ends with notes of white flowers.

In addition to being 100% Japanese, the new term of "single blended" was to name this whiskey, it is a blend of whiskeys from Mount Fuji distillery only. It is composed of several single malts distilled in traditional pot stills and 3 types of single grains (heavy, medium, light) distilled in 3 types of column stills (Doubler, Batch Kettle and Column). The distilled whiskies are put into American oak casks, the bourbon casks, to be matured in the distillery's cellar.