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Amrut Fusion X 70cl 50%
  • $520.00
Product Description

- ABV: 50%

- Size: 70cl

Indian single malt makers Amrut Distilleries recently launched a special edition of its iconic Fusion Indian single malt, named Amrut Fusion X, in honor of its 10th anniversary.

Amrut Fusion X (50% ABV) was created after maturing the original Amrut Fusion Indian Single Malt Whisky for a further four years in former px-sherry casks. The launch comes just in time for the birthday of the distilleries’ late chairman Neelakanta Rao R Jagdale, who created the formula for the original Fusion. Because of this, according to Amrut, he became known as the “father of Indian Single Malt Whiskies.”

The whisky is presented in a collectible porcelain bottle adorned with a sketch of Neel and crafted by well-known crafters Wade, England. The cork for the bottle is handpicked and shipped from Portugal, while the bottle will be presented in a jacket made of lush velvet. This edition also comes with an integrated NFC chip in partnership with Vlinder, which adds a great level of safety to your collectible bottle. Buyers can tap the NFC on the bottle to be indicated on their smartphones if the bottle has ever been opened, as well as access a vast array of information about the whisky on a website.

Limited to 1,010 bottles worldwide.

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