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Waterford Peated Fenniscourt 70cl 50%
  • $160.00
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Product Description

- ABV: 50%

- Size: 70cl

A revolution rocked the whiskey category in 2020: Waterford Distillery!
Led by the famous Mark Reynier, the project put the emphasis back on barley, at the heart of the final aromatic of a single malt, thanks to an ambitious triptych Terroir, Traceability and Transparency.Inspired by the greatest winegrowers and thanks to the tremendous richness of the Irish terroir, coupled with elite and avant-garde production methods, the distillery has created the event with ranges acclaimed by critics and amateurs alike.In particular the Arcadian Series range worked with non-conformist and iconoclastic farmers whose values ​​and way of life are centered on respect for the land and the search for true flavors rather than harvest yields.

2022 marks a new event with the release of the first 2 Waterford peat editions, made not only from barley but also from 100% Irish peat. This is the first time in generations that we can find Irish whiskeys made in this way. The use of peat marks a return to a certain tradition, since it was for centuries the main means of heating for the peoples of the island.

This edition is a Single Farm, since the barley comes from the Fenniscourt farm, while the peat was harvested in County Kildare. This 38 ppm peated single malt combines a very marked smoky character with animal, earthy and saline notes. A touch of spices and vegetable scents bring it a welcome freshness.

To be compared to its twin, Waterford Peated Ballybannon, with a more greedy profile.

Peaty, expressive. Pepper, banana, animal notes