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Yamazaki 18 Years Old 70cl 43%
  • $1,300.00
Product Description

- ABV: 43%

- Size: 70cl

Suntory 18-year-old Single Malt Japanese whisky is a consistent award winner in numerous wine and alcoholic beverage competitions. It bagged the gold at the 2007 International Spirits Challenge, and before that won the Double Gold at the 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Following that, this Japanese single malt whisky consistently won in the World Whiskies Awards in 2014, 2015, and 2016. It was also awarded the Silver Outstanding award in the 2012 International Wine and Spirit Competition. To many who know the Japanese, this is not much of a surprise, as the Japanese are known to throw both heart and soul into anything they do, and brewing whisky is no exception. In itself, whisky is an exceptional spirit, preferred by the most discriminating and demanding of drinkers, and of the varieties of whisky, single malt is held to be the finest expression of its kind, made only from a single distillery, from the finest malted barley that can be found. Single malt whisky is much sought-after by collectors because of its refined and impeccable quality. Demand for this particular type of whisky never diminishes, as simply tasting it is considered a privilege, let alone owning a bottle.

Production and manufacture of single malt whisky batches are immensely labor-intensive and time-consuming, which is why production of it is considerably less than other types of spirits. This adds to the reasons why single malt whisky is in high demand anywhere in the world. Apart from the ingredients, the character and texture of whisky are mostly derived from the process that goes into making it. Barley that has been soaked in water is dried in a kiln, and the kiln is fired using peat. Peat is semi-decomposed vegetation taken from the constantly wet ground, like that found in swampy areas. When peat is burned, it produces a salty, smoky characteristic that seeps into the whisky, adding to the quality.

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